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Friday, August 5, 2011

Spoon Pendant Necklace

My sister Dorothy and I were looking through some jewelry "how-to's" last night and stumbled upon one we really liked.  Here is the tutorial:


We did not create the "rustic" look for our spoons and we just covered them in Mod-Podge.  Here are our versions:


  1. That is so creative! and they turned out great. (Just a word of advise - DON'T hold the spoon with your left hand while pounding with your right - unless your aim is VERY good!)(Dad)

  2. This looks great! Thank you so much for linking back! Would you mind if I use this in a post featuring what some ppl have done with my tutes?

  3. I'm glad you like my version, it was fun to do! I would be happy to be featured on your blog!

  4. This is really cute! I may have to try it tonight! My poor neighbors will just have to bear with the hammering... :)

    1. Great! I think I put the spoon in a vice to pound it. Have fun :-)

  5. I would love the tutorial but the link does not open