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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ice Cream Bridal Shower

What better way to end the summer than an ice cream social! 

This was a great themed shower and would also be perfect for birthday parties or baby showers. 

The Invitation
The easiest way to create a silhouette template like this ice cream cone is to search for a picture online, hold up a piece of white paper to the computer screen, trace and cut it out. 
Use adhesive cardstock to make the cone and ice cream, it is so much easier than a glue stick!

A very simple shower
My favorite parts are the invitations, banner and flower arrangement.

I bought the flowers at a local grocery store, the cone cup at a garage sale and I placed the flowers in one of those green spongy things for flowers that you can get at craft stores.

I also bought these cups at a garage sale and decided to use the creamer dishes for chocolate syrup and caramel sauce. 

Ice cream cone balloons.  I learned this from pinterest.  Roll up construction paper and tape it on to balloons to look like ice cream cones. 

One of the favors:  a cookie cutter.

"Who knows the Bride Best?" Game


I bought Neapolitan and vanilla ice cream.  Overall, I think that the party was a success!

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